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Thousands impacted by voting card printing error

A VOTING card printing mistake has impacted thousands of individuals in the Winchester area.Poll cards for proxy and postal voters for the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the regional elections were meeting by the mistake.

It is believed to have impacted 15,000 voters.

People who used to vote through the post received proxy ballot cards, and individuals voting through proxy voting cards received postal ballot cards.

Winchester City Council understands the concern, a statement on their site says: Due to a mistake by the Council’s printing professional, some voters have actually received incorrect poll cards for the elections on 5 May.

The mistake only impacts voters who have applied for a postal vote or a proxy vote. Electors who are voting at polling stations in their own name are not impacted.

The council is organizing for an explanatory letter and replacement poll card to be sent to those who have actually received the incorrect survey card.

No elector s right to vote has been influenced by the error. Postal voters will receive postal tally papers as typical, which will be sent on the date specified in the replacement poll card.

Proxy voters will have the ability to vote on behalf on behalf of the elector who has selected them, by going to the ballot station specified on the replacement ballot card, on Thursday 5 May 2016.

The problem was discovered by Winchester resident Eileen Buckingham,89, from Weeke, who informed Liberal Democrat councilor Jackie Porter.

Cllr Porter was stunned by the mistake and was informed was told 15,000 people have actually been affected and has actually called for a complete examination into how it happened.

Cllr Porter, stated: It could have been a simple management mistake however if a member of the public had not pertained to us and shown us we would have not about this.

It develops confusion in the mind of people that are voting and we want the process to be as basic as possible, but the city board should have inspected the cards prior to they were sent.

I hope they will learn from this for the future, it is going to take a lot of money to correct this.”.

The Wonders of Card Printing and Sales Brochure Design

As innovative technology has actually become, nobody can undervalue the power of the small sized business card that is as commonplace as a handshake. A business card is your very first introduction to the world and your potential customers. When this card is retained and kept in mind by your customers, you stand a possibility to obtain worked with; and for this to happen, your card needs to be something individuals keep in mind and something that provides people a need to remember you. Many times, your prospective clients don’t even meet you; and your card is the only thing that connects you with them.

Printing of company cards is an art in itself

Though it doesn’t noise anything like a big deal, company card printing is an art in itself. It is essential to make your card as attractive and as ingenious as possible so that individuals remember it and feel associated with you. A company card is the very first printed piece of stationery that you will ever offer as an intro to people, and it largely depends upon pvc business card, if individuals will remember you and wish to employ you or not. A combination of the right design, lettering, shape, size and content works wonders and goes a long method in structure long-term relationships for you with your clients.

Development and creativity always pays

A card that appears like other run-of-the-mill company card might not stand apart or be kept in mind either. It is for that reason vital making innovative business cards that are personalized and personalized to fit your taste which might work best for your company. A company card should build curiosity and draw in prospective clients and the very best method to do that would be to print such business cards that bear your distinct stamp on it. There are many practitioners who provide various ideas and choices for company card printing and brochure design, and you need to pick the one that finest explains or conveys the essence of you and your company.

Alternatives given by many company card printers

There are specialists who can assist you design Creative Business Cards and who give you various alternatives such as creating thick company cards or silk covered company cards or perhaps suede covered company cards and so on. They offer options of circular cards or those in other sizes and shapes too. Connect with them and find the possibilities offered.


All jobs have actually been conserved at a Wirral-based card printing company that has actually been purchased out of administration in a pre-pack offer after running into financial problems following the loss of two significant contracts. Administrators stated that the relocation would make sure the connection of the business, which has been trading for more than 25 years.

Print Search Chester Ltd, which trades as PSC Systems, went into administration on 22 December 2015, with Paul Stanley and Jason Greenhalgh of Begbies Traynor designated joint administrators.

Founded in 1988, the business products print services, plastic payment cards and direct mailing services to a national consumer base that includes banks, local authorities, housing associations, merchants and insurers from a base at Lumina Business Park in Bromborough.

The plastic cards that it offers consist of payment cards for council tax and lease, subscription cards, reward and commitment store cards, travel cards, phone cards, health cards, identity cards, security and picture ID cards, radio-frequency recognition cards, and chip-and-PIN clever cards.

According to a report prepared for lenders, Begbies stated the company had built strong relationships with its customers but experienced a series of obstacles recently. These included the loss of a major agreement to be the sole carrier of payment cards for Alliance & Leicester in 2009 resulting in an instant reduction in turnover of 50 to 60 per cent, the loss of an undefined significant contract in early 2015 to a rival getting rid of a large percentage of its turnover, and unanticipated costs in relation to energies at its properties.

The directors subsequently gotten in touch with Begbies after concluding that the company was not able to pay its debts as and when they fell due.

The report reveals that business and possessions of Print Search Chester Ltd were obtained in a pre-pack offer for a total factor to consider of 70,000 on the day of Begbies’ visit. The purchaser was Blackpoll-based PSC Mailing Ltd. Business House records show that the sole shareholder and director of PSC Mailing Ltd is Aaron Corbett, who is also listed as a shareholder and director in Print Search Chester Ltd

The report stated: “It was clear that if the sale was not finished then business would have ceased, and the impressive orders would not have finished. The realization of the debtors would have been considerably minimized. With a sale of the company’s business and possessions it has allowed a continuation of business which will boost the collection of the trade debtors.”

In the alternative circumstance of liquidation, it is considered that substantial claims would have been made by debtors, the impressive orders would not have been finished, and most significantly it would have led to the loss of nine jobs, which both the company and joint administrators aspired to avoid.”

The deal safeguards the tasks of all nine staff, allows secured creditor the Royal Bank of Scotland to get a dividend, avoids preferential claims and guarantees the continuity of the business. Elizabeth Maly, of PSC Systems, informed Insider that she and fellow director John Cunningham are remaining with the company, although they will not be shareholders.

She added: “Essentially everything will remain the same even though the shareholding is altering. We’ll continue to do the exact same company as before, but by the same token we’ll also look to develop the business because the printing sector is changing. We’ll look at presenting things like hybrid mailing and technological developments.”

There’s a truly good business here and an excellent customer base which our team believe in. Nobody would have wished to go through exactly what we’ve done but there has actually been an extremely positive result here.”

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