A VOTING card printing mistake has impacted thousands of individuals in the Winchester area.Poll cards for proxy and postal voters for the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the regional elections were meeting by the mistake.

It is believed to have impacted 15,000 voters.

People who used to vote through the post received proxy ballot cards, and individuals voting through proxy voting cards received postal ballot cards.

Winchester City Council understands the concern, a statement on their site says: Due to a mistake by the Council’s printing professional, some voters have actually received incorrect poll cards for the elections on 5 May.

The mistake only impacts voters who have applied for a postal vote or a proxy vote. Electors who are voting at polling stations in their own name are not impacted.

The council is organizing for an explanatory letter and replacement poll card to be sent to those who have actually received the incorrect survey card.

No elector s right to vote has been influenced by the error. Postal voters will receive postal tally papers as typical, which will be sent on the date specified in the replacement poll card.

Proxy voters will have the ability to vote on behalf on behalf of the elector who has selected them, by going to the ballot station specified on the replacement ballot card, on Thursday 5 May 2016.

The problem was discovered by Winchester resident Eileen Buckingham,89, from Weeke, who informed Liberal Democrat councilor Jackie Porter.

Cllr Porter was stunned by the mistake and was informed was told 15,000 people have actually been affected and has actually called for a complete examination into how it happened.

Cllr Porter, stated: It could have been a simple management mistake however if a member of the public had not pertained to us and shown us we would have not about this.

It develops confusion in the mind of people that are voting and we want the process to be as basic as possible, but the city board should have inspected the cards prior to they were sent.

I hope they will learn from this for the future, it is going to take a lot of money to correct this.”.